Presentation: No Politics, no Drama, just Fun & Explosions with Nova Valentis

Tonight, we shoot everything that moves. Did you ever have that moment when wild hordes flood your space and kill everything they can? “Thrasher Army knows no standing”,  they shout in local while harassing and marauding you and your sweet home.

The technical term for this behavior is NPSI. Not purple shoot it. So, everything that is not in that fleet is fair game. Despite of the diplomatic hassle a kill of an ally or alliance member can cause.

One of the eldest and most elitist institution of this kind is Bomber Bar. Their business model departs a bit from the marauding hordes I just pictured in the first paragraph. They are more the venators in the shade, who patiently lurk around to spot a target, which they then course down with large numbers. The big fish kill mail is their objective, the element of surprise is their advantage, the bloodthirsty blob is their weapon.

Like the hunter in the woods, Bombers Bar servers a higher purpose in EVE. No Allianz, no single player shall assume absolute safety in any space in EVE. Only the ones, who have fully understood this highest of all EVE principles, will survive and enjoy EVE Online despite and because of institutions like Bombers Bar. Those who understand are the ones, that build our great community.

Not every EVE player learns this lesson day one. This is the reason why G-Fleet is always looking for presenters from this part of the game who can give insights in their controvers and bloodthirsty but important role. We are happy to announce Nova Valentis. He is FC for Bombers Bar, plays EVE since 2013 and will give a talk about public NPSI events in general and Bombers Bar in particular.