Presentation: Epic Stories from the EVE Universe by Andrew Groen

Let’s assume for a minute you are not a die hard, from the first day on veteran. You have just started to play EVE a year ago. You enjoy the game. Mechanic wise you are not a rookie but a skillful and valued member of your corporation, your alliance or your coalition. Let’s assume all that. But then some grandfathered corporation methusalem character enters your corp chat and he starts talking about the good old times when people fielded their very first own battleship just to head for the next asteroid belt and go start mining with a battleship. That kind of good old bonfire stories …

You are lost. No Idea, what he is talking about! Who the fuck is XETIC alliance?!? Who is Cyvok?!? SirMolle???? Remedial?!!

You might not realize it, but you are missing a delightful and super cool part of the game. The 15+ years history of the (player) Empires of EVE. Since it is the 5th anniversary of G-Fleet this is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to this joyful part of the game. We want to fix your lack of knowledge and provide you with an experienced scout that will take you on a journey through time and give you insight into a part of EVE you have not experienced yet in the level of depth.

It is an honor for us to announce as first speaker of G-Fleet 2019, September 13/14th in Berlin, a historian of EVE Online:

Let’s welcome Mr. Andrew Groen!

Andrew is the author of “Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online”. As an internet search might show, this book hit the EVE Community like a bombshell and even strongly resonated outside of the EVE Community, because of his way of storytelling and meticulous but very entertaining obsession for tiny little but important details.

Currently Andrew is writing the second volume of historic and epic stories from the EVE Universe. You will be amongst the first to hear these stories from his own mouth and have the opportunity to pester him with questions and comments, which I am sure you will enjoy as much as it enriches his enormous knowledge about this universe. And who knows, maybe your story finds its way into one of his books.….