G-Fleet2018: Lineup ….. Max Singularity: The Fabric of Space

Dear Capsuleers, My name is Tairon Singularity. As you might know, I am an adopted son of Paradoz Singularity. If you haven’t heard of me, in prior times, I went by the name of Tairon Usaro, the host of the annual G-Fleet congress of capsuleers, before I have woven my string of life with my beloved wife Irma Amatin.

As our last convivial gathering in 2017 brought so much sacred perspicaciousness upon us by means of reenacting other personas, G-Fleet cannot go without some holy blessings this year. Therefore, I asked my uncle, his Holiness Maximilian Singularity, if he could join us in this sacred process of obtaining mental enlightenment by reenacting other personas. We are pleased to announce that

his Holiness Maximilian Singularity VI, first of his Name, Harbinger of Faith, Pope of New Eden, Column of Light,
Prophet of the Storm, Bane of the False Empress, Founder of the Sixth Empire,
Herald of the Imperium, Paragon of Virtue, The New Prophet,
The Liberator of All Hope and Dreams,
and the True Emperor of Amarr

will join the annual G-Fleet congress of capsuleers taking place 5th & 6th of October in Berlin on the planet known by all of us.

He will reenact a persona from the very ancient history of mankind, from an ancient history, older than the history of New Even. When mankind’s greatest journey just reached their owns planet’s moon and mankind wasn’t able to travel amongst the stars but had to explore them distantly by mere eyes or vitreous optics. His Holiness will reenact the persona of Charles P. White, an engineer scientist of the so called “JPL”, an arcane institution working on ludicrous non-PEG sublight speed drive systems. As this persona, he will give a talk on ancient mankind’s view on the fabric of the Universe. While this “science” talk will amuse us in it’s beyond belief oversimplifying naive simplicity, it will on the other hand enlighten us, because this unrested curiosity and adamantine determination about space and the universe, represented by people like Charles White, was the inspiration for generations to strive for the stars, to bring us to NewEden.