The Science of Finding a Location

For a great event, the same three golden rules of finding real estate apply: Location! Location! Location! We are very proud that this year, G-Fleet is part of the EVE Online Invasion World Tour. And finally, we have found the perfect location for this year‘s G-Fleet. It‘s about Gaming. And Science. But you EVE pilots knew that already, right?

So, drum roll:

G-Fleet 2019 will come to Berlin again, but in a new, exclusive location.

is the Game Science Center.

Together with the event space of the adjacent Forum Factory, this will be a very appropriate setting to celebrate all things EVE Online and Internet Spaceships.

Now that the cat is finally out of the bag, we are ready to start Ticket sales, together with our friends at CCP. It should actually happen next week. Mark your calendars for September 13th and 14th, let your best EVE friends and enemies know – we will see you in Berlin!