Ticket Sales … the Survey & the Quiz Contest

Dear G-Fleeteer !

Originally, we wanted to start selling tickets for G-Fleet2019, 13/14 September in Berlin, this week, but sometimes things  don’t go according to plan …. and sometimes you just need to chew it over and over before it is ready…. Sorry, you won’t get a Twix.

But G-Fleet would not be G-Fleet if we did not deliver … bigger and better than ever. We don’t want you to get bored in the meantime, hence, we hit paint the town red with a survey and a quiz contest. Duh, boooooooring! Don’t you think that? …. 50 billion ISK !!! …. Do I have your attention NOW?

In total we dish out 50 billion ISK in the quiz contest. And there is another goodie, we grant each quiz participant the right of priority access to 50 G-Fleet tickets, especially reserved for you. Why is that so important? Two years ago, we only had limited space and the tickets were sold out in less than a week …. This time we have more space, but G-Fleet has also grown much larger and believe me, this event beast is also light years better than ever! The fifth anniversary will produces stories, to be told to your grandchildren … in the edited non-x-rated version ….

So, hush, hush, go click the survey!