Check out the talks ….

Hi folks,
it took us extremely long, but here it comes. Last years’ presentation highlight. A talk given by Attila Szantner,

CEO of, on Project Discovery II. Attila gave us an excellent overview on this awesome minigame where we can hunt for exoplanets. Here is the video recording of this talk.

Why am I mentioning this?!? First, because I finally found the time to edit the video recording. Second, because I wanted to take the opportunity to show case you, that G-Fleet it not a Germans only event, but an international meetup. All talks of this year will be held in English. While there are certainly shit loads of ze Germans with horrible accents at the event, nearly all of them can speak English and we have already quite a few folks from UK and other non-Germans-Speaking-countries. So, you won’t be on your own.

Don’t miss the big party !!!