G-Fleet 2015 – How it all started …..

20 März 2015, Reykjavik, Fanfest 2015

We were sitting in one of the roundtable discussions organized by CCP on various topics. This one was about “Player Meets”. I enjoy going to EVE RL and have been to Vegas, EVE North East and EVE Down Under in Sydney. We just talked about how importance to the community of events, that are organized by players around the world. “What big event is there in Germany?” I asked myself. I knew my old alliance meetings and EVE Ronshausen as a camping event. But an event that really makes up for the pivotal meeting of all German-speaking players? Nada!


Still on the way from the airport to home, the first strings were pulled and a team was put together

The first plans were really crazy …. and waaaay too expensive, for 300 euros down the Rhine on a vessel from outer space. Probably, as nice as the ship looked this was too expensive and also as a first event too complex to organize.

Well, then rather something earthy. German Curry-wurst & fries in Bar95 in Dusseldorf. Yepp, that’s matching. On the 30th & 31st of October 2015 the thing is supposed to fly. So let’s get started!

The first G-Fleet right-on established the idea of having a focus theme. We play DUST514! Yeah, sure … wait, what?!? … The background of this idea was, PS3 consoles were then spot cheap to rent, because the box was already quite old. We could not afford renting gaming PCs. So we got Danny, who was not a blank sheet in the German DUST scene. For the PC EVE gamer the first contact with a console usually is a real culture shock. But Danny managed to train them and even conduct a small tournament with them. On the second evening we also improvised the first 1v1 frigate tournament on SISI.

I still remember how at the end of the first evening, after CCP Phantom gave a lecture on German community work, I went to the hotel, dropped almost dead to bed and thought, “crazy shit, our planning really seems to work and the 90 people are actually having fun “.

Another highlight of the second day was the talk by Attila Szantner, the CEO of MMOS. These are the guys CCP works with on Project Discovery. Recipe for getting good speakers: Don’t be shy and just ask them, and you will get really cool speakers ….

As an organizer, you can catch breath on Saturday evenings when the final presentation is held and “Killing is a Means of Communication” has been played. But I think people really had fun.


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