G-FLEET2018: 5th 6th October, Berlin

Event is over !

TL;DR: International EVE 1.5 day meetup; CCP Guard and other Devs; EVE PVP tournments; food & beverages included; good share of German Gemütlichkeit; lots of fun &beer


Most Important question first: Is G-fleet 2018 also for international guests ?
Jawoll ! .... Bitte ein Bier ... Schnitzelbrötchen ... Meet ze Germans !!! Yes, while many guests will be from the German speaking region, the event will also be fun for guests speaking English. We all fly in fleets with English speaking FCs. Their accent might be horrible, but they do awesome shit. Same with G-Fleet. And this year, we will have a Capital event - join us in Berlin!

G-Fleet keeps bringing it on! The well established event format is going to take place again on October 5th & 6th 2018 @ Alte Münze in Berlin. Our focus for this year will be on new players. So, if you are just 4 weeks in the game, and you think you might be too much of a noob for visiting G-FLEET2018? Nope, thats wrong! You need to be with us, you need to make friends with other EVE players regardless of their years of experience. Bitter vets or just normal EVE players are welcome as well, of course.

  • 1,5 days of EVE fun and party with old and new bros
  • 4 meals included, 5 free beverages
  • Presentations from CCP Devs
  • Presentations given by EVE celebrities
  • The infamous EVE PvP tournaments
  • Focus Topic: New Bros / Players

Ticket price is 79,- Euro. Only pre-order, no ticket sale on-site

additional infos:
travel and accomodation
united being special

the big list
CCP Guard joins G-Fleet
Streamfleet on Tour

TL;DR: 1,5 Tage Treffen; CCP kommt; Vorträge; EVE PVP Turnier; viele Preise; chillige Atmosphäre; Verpflegung inklusive; viel Bier & Spaß.

G-Fleet 2018: Beste EVE Party und extremer Spaß in der Alten Münze, Berlin

G-Fleet macht weiter im bewährten Format. Der Event findet am 5ten und 6ten Oktober in der Alten Münze in Berlin Mitte statt. Unser Fokusthema werden neue Spieler sein. Das bedeutet egal wie jung ihr seid, bei der G-FLEET2018 seid ihr genau richtig. Wie immer ist das Fokusthema nur ein Angebot, dass keine wahrnehmen muss. Ihr alten EVE Säcke seid also ganz genauso willkommen wie die jungen Hüpfer.

Kurzübersicht der Leistungen

  • 1,5 Tage EVE Spaß und Party mit alten und neuen Freunden
  • 4 Mahlzeiten, 5 Freigetränke
  • Vorträge von CCP DEVs
  • Vorträge von EVE-Persönlichkeiten
  • EVE PVP Turnier
  • Fokusthema Neue Spieler

Das Ticket kostet 79,- Euro. Es gibt nur Vorverkauf aber keine Abendkasse.

Sonstige Infos:
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Anreise und Unterkunft
vereint speziell
die große Liste
CCP Guard kommt zur G-Fleet
Streamfleet on Tour

Event Date

  • Friday, 5 October 2018
  • 17:00

Ticket Price

G-FLEET2018: 5th 6th October, Berlin

  • Ticket Price 79,00

Event Location


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@equliser11 @streamfleet_eve Absolutely awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see part2&3
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