RHP, die Federation of Respect Honor Passion, ist mittlerweile in der deutschen Community recht gut bekannt. Letztes Jahr sind sie auf uns zugekommen mit einem Sponsoringangebot, dieses Jahr

Hi folks,
it took us extremely long, but here it comes. Last years’ presentation highlight. A talk given by Attila Szantner,

This year we wanted to have a lot of new player relevant topics. What is more relevant than PVE content you can do on your own? So let’s get into the Abyss, hack other people’s Wormholes,


@fieldboom Hi folks, how do I reactivate my account? I canceled my monthly subscription some time ago and need to r… https://t.co/Q4ncbXQ08m
@equliser11 @streamfleet_eve Absolutely awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see part2&3
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