This year, G-Fleet will have more computers than ever, than any other player organized event, ever.

So, he we go, the final speaker is to be disclosed! It’s CCP Cognac, the fourth

As we come closer to the best EVE Online event in continental Europe, G-FLEET 2018, Berlin October 5&6th, it’s time drop some more names who will be joining you in the party.

RHP, die Federation of Respect Honor Passion, ist mittlerweile in der deutschen Community recht gut bekannt. Letztes Jahr sind sie auf uns zugekommen mit einem Sponsoringangebot, dieses Jahr

This year we wanted to have a lot of new player relevant topics. What is more relevant than PVE content you can do on your own? So let’s get into the Abyss, hack other people’s Wormholes,

You are lost in Wormhole space? Got no scan probes? Well, too bad for you, there is always pod express! But wait, there are the folks from Signal Cartel.

Attention Capsuleers!

You do not want to miss this! G-Fleet is excited to announce a collaboration with CCP’s merchandise partner, Development Plus Inc.

Listen up folks, Streamfleet is in the house!!!
It started with a stage-napping. The 6th Empire

G-Fleet startet eine ISK-Starter Kampagne

G-Fleet ist das mit Abstand größte Spieler organisierte Event in Deutschland und es gibt Leute, die behaupten, es sei das Beste in der Welt.

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@equliser11 @streamfleet_eve Absolutely awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see part2&3
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