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This year we wanted to have a lot of new player relevant topics. What is more relevant than PVE content you can do on your own? So let’s get into the Abyss, hack other people’s Wormholes,

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You are lost in Wormhole space? Got no scan probes? Well, too bad for you, there is always pod express! But wait, there are the folks from Signal Cartel.

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Freitag, 03 August 2018 14:23

EVE Store Special G-FLEET Deal

Attention Capsuleers!

You do not want to miss this! G-Fleet is excited to announce a collaboration with CCP’s merchandise partner, Development Plus Inc.

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@Mildron_Klinker We absolutely do! Next we will have you with us again, right?
Extended staff dinner .... getting ready for the real thing #gfleet
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