Jul 10

The Big List

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Lineup, VIPs, Special guests, alliances and everbody else. This blog is about the Who is Who of EVE Online. The Who is Who of EVE joining the G-FLEET2018 event in Berlin on October 5th & 6th,

to be precise. The following guests and organisations have already signed in to the coolest party of the year:

Name   Comment
 CCP Guard CCP's Senior Community Development Lead for EVE Online. Dah man! Check out this blog.

 1ron is a G-Fleet veteran and  we are happy he is coming back




Diplo of the 6th Empire and G-Fleet veteran as well.
 ISD Eshtir   Eshtir is an experienced veteran of the ISD. He will give a talk.
 CSM Killah Bee   Killah is a G-Fleet veteran and we are happy to have this CSM member at the event
Otto Erich Stollmmler   The lead caretaker of all important news for the German community.
 Erstschlag   Swiss EVE Online streamer
 Redneck Sasserio
  German EVE Online streamer


The following organisations will be at G-Fleet with 4 representatives and more:

Destiny's Call  
Eat My Shorts Inc.  
Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance.  
Goonswarm Federation  
RAZOR Alliance  


and of course .....




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