Terms and Conditions relevant for the participation in Contests of G-Fleet: Holger Lüttgen Veranstaltungen


Version: V1.2 01.11.2018

The German version is the binding version. This translation is not a legal document. In the case the translation does not match the intent of the German version the translation is superseded by the German version.

  1. If not specified otherwise in the specific terms of the Contest, the host of the game is t G-Fleet: Holger Lüttgen Veranstaltungen, Nudower Dorfstraße 35G, D-14558 Nuthetal, apprreviated below as “G-Fleet”.
    Messages to the host shall be directed to info@g-fleet.de.
  2. If not specified otherwise in the specific terms of the Contest, the minimum age for participation is 18 years. Multiple submits are not allowed. Legal representatives, employees and partners of G-Fleet as well as their family members are excluded from participation. The same rule applies to organized raffle organizations and their members.
  3. If not specified otherwise in the specific terms of the Contest, participants may have their residence in and outside of the EU, as long as the raffle setup und participation in raffles conducted under the rules provided by German law is warranted by the local law as legal. Participants who do not fulfil this prerequisite are excluded from the raffle.
  4. The only way to participate – If not specified otherwise in the specific terms of the Contest – is via internet by links shared by G-Fleet. Usually the Contest is connected with a survey for market research purposes. It is not necessary to fully complete the market research part to participate in the raffle. If not specified otherwise, it is sufficient to provide a valid email address the user has access to, in order to participate in the raffle.
  5. G-Fleet has the right to exclude participants with out a given reason from a raffle or future games. This is particularly applicable if the participant violates these terms or if they disturb the process of the raffle in any kind, especially if they disturb technical processes or manipulate or try to manipulate the chance of winning a prize by any means in an unfair manner.
  6. If not specified otherwise in the specific terms of the Contest, winners are determined based on sucessfully answered knowledge questions. If this results in multiple prize qualificants, winners are determined by fortune. Prizes are dished out in the order of raffle drawing (raffle placement) based on the number of available prizes. It might be possible that a prize qualificants do not actually obtain a winner’s prize.
  7. The winner is informed via email and is responsible for answering the email within 7 days. If the winner fails to answer within this period he loses his right to claim the prize and the prize is raffled to someone else.
  8. The winner has the right to refrain from claiming the prize. The prize will be given to someone else based on the order of raffle placement.
  9. G-Fleet cannot be sued for a Contest neither can the winner claim to pay out a prize in cash.
  10. If not specified otherwise in the specific terms of the Contest, G-Fleet will cover costs for shipping due for shipment within the EU but maximally 20 Euro. Exceeding shipment costs need to be covered by the winner. Customs and cost for customs belong to the winner.
  11. Shipment abroad outside of EU that exceed EU shipment costs or 20 Euro, have to be covered by the winner. Appropriate handing of customs belongs to the winner.
  12. G-Fleet cannot be held responsible for wrong information, which are caused or shared by participants or third parties including partners, which are related to the Contest. Especially G-Fleet cannot be held responsible, if emails and data entry do not comply to these Terms or with the technical requirements provided by G-Fleet and therefore do not fulfil the rules for a proper participation
  13. G-Fleet does not guarantee that the website or service for the participation in the Contest is available at any time or is technically free of error. G-Fleet has the right to terminate the Contest prematurely and without warning, if a correct processing of the game cannot be warranted due to disturbances by third parties or due to technical reasons.
  14. If the Contest is linked in social media platforms for example but not only Facebook, Twitter, Instagram the following provisions apply:
    a.) In addition to the Terms described here the terms of the social media platform apply as well to the user. Users cannot claim anything related to their participation in the Contest on or against the social media platform.
    b.) Any participant ensures, that uploaded media and content, direct, embedded or linked, does not violate the law, particularly the participant warrants his posts do not contain insults, wrong facts or a breach of market, brand and IP laws. G-Fleet does not check nor moderate these posts. G-Fleet is not liable for any of these Violations, the poster itself is responsible for his posts. The poster helds g-fleet free of any liabilities by third parties. Any violation of these provisions result in an exclusion from the Contest.
  15. With participation in Contests of G-Fleet the participant provides consent with data processing of his data according to the data protection declaration of G-Fleet: Holger Lüttgen